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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market News » Equity Sentiment Is Surprisingly Bullish

Equity Sentiment Is Surprisingly Bullish

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1 Equity Sentiment Is Surprisingly Bullish on Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:57 am



I fully expected to be barraged by an overwhelming negative sentiment for equities.  I expected to see report after report that would be extremely bearish for equities.  While I see many of those reports, I see an almost equal number of bullish reports and that, quite frankly, surprised me.

As a contrarian by nature, I would be more optimistic that we have bottomed in stocks if the sentiment was dire.
There are 5 key areas where I find the sentiment to be less bearish or even bullish than I would like

  • By Many Technical Indicators the Market is Not Oversold
  • Wall Street’s View of Retail Sentiment and Action May Just Be Wrong
  • Old Media versus New Media
  • Excuses not Reasons
  • Bottom Calling and Capitulation

This report is very anecdotal in nature, but I feel compelled to write it, because I was surprised by how balanced the sentiment was (especially since my inclination is to be bullish equities here as well).

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